WK 44: Planner Layout Tutorial

Hello darlings! Due to some technical difficulties that I was having with the website I was unable to upload Week 44.

This week I am in love with turquoise blue which inspired this week’s layout.

THEME: Turquoise blue, Black, Brown, Gray

IMG_3731[Prang Oval-16 by Dixon, StazOn: Blue Hawaii, Day by Day Calendar Stamp Set]

SET UP: As usual I brush script ‘October’ but this time I block lettered. To add a little more dramatic effect I added a grey shadowing on the letters, which I decided on after taking this picture. Also for the background on the dates I painted triangular geometric designs that remind me of origami. And of course I stamped in the dates using the Day by Day Calendar Stamps.


IMG_3732[Teresa Collins label stickers; Traveler’s Factory Stamp; MT: Clip; Traveler’s Factory Washi tape]

MONDAY: As you’ve seen in the picture above I started off Monday with a label sticker and cut out washi tape clip to accentuate an important note. Later that day I received my new Midori inserts (018) for 2016 from Baum Kuchen. I had to make a special notation to end the day with the order number and sticker that came with my package. Point is to capture the memory.

{Side Note: There are many places you can purchase Midori Traveler’s supply but Baum Kuchen is one of my favorite and I am a supporter of small business! I definitely recommend you check it out, I know you will love it!}

IMG_3734[StazOn: Cloudy Day; Alpha Stamp by Recollections; 365™Fall Collection: Daily]

TUESDAY: I used this lovely alpha stamp from Michaels using the StazOn: Cloudy Day. That this gray tone was a perfect match to the washi clip. To end the day I used the ‘spoon/fork/knife’ stamp from 365™: Daily set because I had to celebrate the fact my husband, Chris made on of my favorite tofu dishes all by himself! So for Tuesday I kept it very simple but all the same very special because it’s about memory keeping.

IMG_3736[Tim Holtz Distress Ink: Vintage Photo; Studiol2e: Labels & Tabs; Script washi tape; Le Pen: Light Blue]

WEDNESDAY: I love labels! This includes stickers, stamps, vintage, gummed… you name it I love it! I was so happy that I got my hands on this label stamp set. I do apologize for the stains you see on the stamps but this was due to a ink pad I used long ago and no matter what I’ve tried I can’t seem to get it off. Luckily the color does not transfer on to current/future use. As I’ve said I love labels and decided to make my one label sticker for this day as a ‘reminder tab’.

To add a little extra color I used Le Pen to hand letter ‘K’ and for decor I used the script washi tape.

IMG_3737[Nami Nami Cat Paws; Gray Script washi tape; Cavallini & Co.: Paper Tape: Numbers; Classiky: Blue Grid; Multiball by Pilot: Fine Tip; Iro Label Star: Shine]

THURSDAY: It being National Cat Day I was so excited to use the kitty paws washi tape! To write directly on the washi tape I used Multiball by Pilot. It’s my favorite pen to write on washi tape (click here to get this awesome pen). Alongside decorating with these lovely  washi tapes, I used these adorable star stickers as bullet points.


FRIDAY: I somehow forgot to take a picture of this column. I do apologize. I used the Fukuro and Aki set from 365™Fall Collection. Added some flourish using watercolor brush script and some of my favorite washi tape.

SATURDAY / SUNDAY: I spent a fun day with Eunice. I purchased the ‘Good Job!’ stamp at KinoKuniya Bookstore in Little Tokyo, CA. To capture this fun time we took pictures of our Midori Traveler’s Notebook. She was so kind to write a little notation on my planner with her signature watercolor script.


Thank you for reading and I hope you found it fun and inspiring. Until next time, I hope that you have a wonderful week!

Xoxo, Jennie

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