WK 44: Planner Layout Tutorial

Hello darlings! Due to some technical difficulties that I was having with the website I was unable to upload Week 44.

This week I am in love with turquoise blue which inspired this week’s layout.

THEME: Turquoise blue, Black, Brown, Gray

IMG_3731[Prang Oval-16 by Dixon, StazOn: Blue Hawaii, Day by Day Calendar Stamp Set]

SET UP: As usual I brush script ‘October’ but this time I block lettered. To add a little more dramatic effect I added a grey shadowing on the letters, which I decided on after taking this picture. Also for the background on the dates I painted triangular geometric designs that remind me of origami. And of course I stamped in the dates using the Day by Day Calendar Stamps.


IMG_3732[Teresa Collins label stickers; Traveler’s Factory Stamp; MT: Clip; Traveler’s Factory Washi tape]

MONDAY: As you’ve seen in the picture above I started off Monday with a label sticker and cut out washi tape clip to accentuate an important note. Later that day I received my new Midori inserts (018) for 2016 from Baum Kuchen. I had to make a special notation to end the day with the order number and sticker that came with my package. Point is to capture the memory.

{Side Note: There are many places you can purchase Midori Traveler’s supply but Baum Kuchen is one of my favorite and I am a supporter of small business! I definitely recommend you check it out, I know you will love it!}

IMG_3734[StazOn: Cloudy Day; Alpha Stamp by Recollections; 365™Fall Collection: Daily]

TUESDAY: I used this lovely alpha stamp from Michaels using the StazOn: Cloudy Day. That this gray tone was a perfect match to the washi clip. To end the day I used the ‘spoon/fork/knife’ stamp from 365™: Daily set because I had to celebrate the fact my husband, Chris made on of my favorite tofu dishes all by himself! So for Tuesday I kept it very simple but all the same very special because it’s about memory keeping.

IMG_3736[Tim Holtz Distress Ink: Vintage Photo; Studiol2e: Labels & Tabs; Script washi tape; Le Pen: Light Blue]

WEDNESDAY: I love labels! This includes stickers, stamps, vintage, gummed… you name it I love it! I was so happy that I got my hands on this label stamp set. I do apologize for the stains you see on the stamps but this was due to a ink pad I used long ago and no matter what I’ve tried I can’t seem to get it off. Luckily the color does not transfer on to current/future use. As I’ve said I love labels and decided to make my one label sticker for this day as a ‘reminder tab’.

To add a little extra color I used Le Pen to hand letter ‘K’ and for decor I used the script washi tape.

IMG_3737[Nami Nami Cat Paws; Gray Script washi tape; Cavallini & Co.: Paper Tape: Numbers; Classiky: Blue Grid; Multiball by Pilot: Fine Tip; Iro Label Star: Shine]

THURSDAY: It being National Cat Day I was so excited to use the kitty paws washi tape! To write directly on the washi tape I used Multiball by Pilot. It’s my favorite pen to write on washi tape (click here to get this awesome pen). Alongside decorating with these lovely  washi tapes, I used these adorable star stickers as bullet points.


FRIDAY: I somehow forgot to take a picture of this column. I do apologize. I used the Fukuro and Aki set from 365™Fall Collection. Added some flourish using watercolor brush script and some of my favorite washi tape.

SATURDAY / SUNDAY: I spent a fun day with Eunice. I purchased the ‘Good Job!’ stamp at KinoKuniya Bookstore in Little Tokyo, CA. To capture this fun time we took pictures of our Midori Traveler’s Notebook. She was so kind to write a little notation on my planner with her signature watercolor script.


Thank you for reading and I hope you found it fun and inspiring. Until next time, I hope that you have a wonderful week!

Xoxo, Jennie

WK 43: Planner Layout Tutorial

Last week I had so much fun using a color that I typically don’t use (purple). This inspired me to continue challenging myself for upcoming planner layouts and blog posts. To brainstorm I was rummaging through my stash of stationery items/art supplies. I know there are those of us out there that do not have tons of supplies to play with. So for the challenge I thought it would be a fun idea to only use a few specific items  to decorate this week.

Supplies for this week’s challenge:

  • watercolor paints and brushes
  • stamps but only use black ink
  • black Uni-ball Signo pen

IMG_3722[Prang Oval-16 by Dixon; Winsor & Newton Pocket Box; Winsor & Newton: Payne’s Gray, Indigo]

IMG_3723[365™Fall Collection: DailySchool; Alpha Stamps from Michaels; Kelly Purkey: Outline Letters; Versa Fine: Onyx Black]



SET UP: I use a sketch book to do my palette tests, write notes and different ideas, patterns, and even practice my handwriting/calligraphy. What you see above is the starting of my scribbling but by the end the whole page will be filled.  I also love love love my Sojourner by Retrow Tures (you can check her out on Instagram). I take it on the go and it’s handy whenever I find inspiration and have to jot it down quickly.

Since I have a limited number of tools to use, I had to be creative in how I wanted to use them. I love color and for this week I wanted to mix it up and wanted to cover the layout with an explosion of color. I had to be cautious on how I did this because I didn’t want it to look chaotic but a fusion of different colors and patterns.

IMG_3717[Canson Sketch book; Sojourner Notebook, Midori Traveler’s Notebook]

IMG_3721DETAILS: This week instead oIMG_3720f doing a day to day, I will just show you a close up how I decorated using only the limited number of tools as listed above. You don’t need a boat load of supplies to make your planner special and unique, all you need is your imagination.

**Click on the images for a closer look.

QUOTE: I am always doing that which I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to do it.

-Pablo Picasso


Have a wonderful week and until next time… Take care and keep smiling!

Xoxo, Jennie




WK 42: Planner Layout Tutorial

THEME: Purple, Olive, Brown

IMG_3681[Royal & Langnickel 2/0; Versa Magic: Purple Hydrangea; Prang Oval-16 by Dixon]

SET UP: This week I wanted to try something a little different. As I looked back through my planner, I realized that I don’t use much purple. So to challenge myself I decided to do just that. As usual I used watercolors to brush script ‘October’ but this time I used the watercolor set from Prang IMG_3699(purchased at Michaels). For the date boxes I did a subtle polka dot design with the same watercolors and stamped the dates using Day by Day Calendar Stamp Set.

As I tried to gather items that would coordinate with this week, I admit it was a lot more difficult than I initially imaged. So to  find the right colors I decided to seek help by using a color wheel.  I searched online and came across the website, Paletton. It was just what I was looking for. You choose the color and it will tell you its coordinating counterpart. You can use an online source like I did, or you can purchase a color wheel at your local art store.

IMG_3689[Winsor & Newton watercolor set; 365™Fall Collection: Daily and Aki; Versa Magic: Spanish Olive, Jumbo Java, Perfect Plumeria; Fion Stewart-Green Path

MONDAY: I wanted to flourish the start of the day so I used the dove and flora stamps from the 365™Fall Collection. I multi stamped the dove to give a movement effect, as if it were soaring through my planner. For the flora in the dove’s mouth, I did not initially intended to be an olive branch but after I stamped it, that’s what it reminded me of. So to continue that concept and to break in between notes, I used this olive design washi tape and a circular grid sticker.

To highlight important information I used watercolors to box that in because the color pens I had didn’t quite match to the colors I wanted. Instead of making it a plain rectangle I added a dotted line effect to make it stand out. Below that I made ‘home cooked meal’ sticker, which was to cover up a mistake I made. The cute little house stamp was perfect to accentuate the  home in that sticker. And to finished the day, I used brush script using the same watercolor palette.


TUESDAY: To commemorate the wonderful happy mail I received from my dear friend Phuong, I used a postage stamp sticker (purchased at Hobby Lobby) and a postage cancel stamp from Traveler’s Factory.

The start of this week I was already making all kinds of mistakes. If you notice closely the cancel stamp was made into a sticker to cover up a crazy ink smear I made when initially stamping on the page. You may not see the smear (thank goodness) but its there…hiding. So do not fret when you make a mistake, we all make them. There are plenty of ways to fix them. Now below that to continue the postage decoration I used a Tim Holtz postage vintage style washi tape. It compliments the stamp sticker just right!

IMG_3692[StazOn: Gothic Purple; Versa Fine: Onyx Black;  365™Fall Collection: Daily; Yellow newsprint washi tape; Classiky: Women Purple washi tape]

WEDNESDAY: I absolutely adore this tooth stamp! For that darker rich purple hue, I wanted to used the StazOn: Gothic Purple. As I’ve mentioned in my previous post this ink bleeds through the paper. To avoid this I stamped on a white adhesive label and made it into a sticker.

I hand lettered ‘K’ with pencil and filled it in using watercolor. Love how it has a gradient effect. To combine more purple into the mix I decided to use this lovely washi tape from Classiky. Now I was unsure if I wanted to go with a pastel purple, but I love the design and it actually adds the right softness to compliment the  hand lettered ‘K’.

At the bottom of this column I used the cloud and lightning bolt stamps. At first the bolts were stamped in black, and I did contemplate to use yellow ink but didn’t want to throw the whole color theme off. So to add a little extra color and texture I taped over the bolts with a text print washi tape, traced, cut and taped over the initial stamp.

IMG_3693[Classiky: Collage Green; MT: Travel Way; Chamil Garden (Shoukei): Sandglass; Versa Magic: Perfect Plumeria; 365™Fall Collection: Daily]

THURSDAY: That little guy you see in the Thursday box is a Japanese Rain Doll (Teru teru bozu). It’s is a traditional Japanese handmade doll said to bring good weather and stop the rain. I thought it was fitting since it was pouring out. For the rest of the day, I just decorated with washi tape and added a little hand lettering to flourish.


[Prang Oval-16 by Dixon; Winsor & Newton; Versa Magic: Spanish Olive; Alpha Stamps by Kodomo No Kao; Iro Label: Innocent]

FRIDAY: Kept it very simple. Used an alpha stamp set that was gifted to me by my darling friend Eunice. Boxed/highlighted the info and a simple cursive ‘K’ using watercolors. To finish I used these dot stickers I purchased from SakuraLaLa. They have tons of designs and colors which are ideal for your planner.


IMG_3698SATURDAY: I was so lucky to have received these gorgeous handmade stickers from Fab.  I highly recommend you
her out on her blog or Instagram (wreckthisgirl). When I first saw them I knew I had to use them, especially for my planner. I’m so excited that the purple and olive green matched perfectly with this week’s theme.

Completely toned it down this day and just highlighted a note using Le Pen in Olive Green. I painted an olive branch (which was at the start of this week) to finish the week.

For the quote I used a similar rich purple balance out the brush script I used for the ‘October’ title.

QUOTE: “Let us step into the night and pursue that flighty temptress, ADVENTURE”.


This week was definitely fun and a learning process for me. I hope that you had fun reading and hopefully learned something too. If there are any particular requests I would love to hear from you. Until next time, have a wonderful week and keep smiling!

Xoxo, Jennie

WK 41: Planner Layout Tutorial

Many of us can feel a little overwhelmed with a blank layout because you may not know what to put or where to start. There is no right or wrong approach. Just look at it as an opportunity to capture moments of your life down on paper. No pressure. Let’s just take it step by step. This week’s post I wanted to keep it simple but informative, so I broke it down into daily sections.  (Side Note: For a bigger view click on the pictures)

Let’s BEGIN.

THEME COLOR: ranges of deep red to caramel to brown
SET UP: To start off I used Winsor & Newton’s watercolors to brush script ‘October’ and painted in the date squares to add a background color. I absolutely love the concept of mixing colors to make it your own. With watercolors you can make it as opaque or translucent as you please. For the dates, I stamped them with the  Day by Day Calendar Stamp Set using Versa Magic: Brick Red.



MONDAY: For this column I used a label sticker from the Teresa Collins collection in the cork design to highlight an important to-do. I chose the cork because it brings a nice warm natural texture into the mix and it has a perfect orangish brown tone to go along with the color theme. In addition to the label I wanted to accentuate the importance of the context  so I added the red washi tape clip. This washi tape has many different wonderful designs that you can use decorate your planner, snail mail or whatever you like. Perfect to precut and use as stickers!

Now to highlight another important note I used these beautiful circus style alpha stamps from Recollections. It adds a nice bold flourish to make break in between notes. You can also do this by sticking a little washi tape, which I did in the picture below.

IMG_3655[Le Pen: Burgundy, Classiky: Old Book Beige, Chamil Garden (Shoukei): Steps]

IMG_3658[Versa Magic: Brick Red, Staedtler Triplus Fineliner, Traveler’s Factory washi tape, 365™Fall Collection: Daily]

TUESDAY: I enjoy using color pens to outline or box needed information so I don’t forget. There are so many different kinds of pens out there but I love the Staedtler Triples Finalizer and Le Pen. They have a wide range of colors and they don’t bleed through the pages. I boxed in some info for work and at the bottom of the column I used a speech bubble/box for something I had forgotten to pencil in on Monday.

Now I’m not quite sure how it happened but I accidentally spilled some watercolor paint on my planner. No need to stress. I could have easily covered it with some washi tape or whitened it out, but instead I decided to embrace it.

To keep this column pretty simple but special I used the cute spoon, fork, knife stamp to highlight the delicious food I ate with my hubby. Also wanted to show my love for MTN (Midori Traveler’s Notebook) so I taped the Traveler’s Factory washi tape in the blank spot, which was just the right  fit.

IMG_3659[365™Fall Collection: Daily & School, Schedule Sticker: Daily Cat, Le Pen: Burgundy, Tim Holtz Stampers Anonymous: pointing finger, StazOn: Spiced Chai]


WEDNESDAY: These 365™ planner stamps are so perfect to add a little cute flare to any item on your planner. Here I used the syringe and tiny school bus as a reminder for what was going on for the day.

Of course my favorite thing is hand lettering to make events pop out on my planner. For the letter K, I used the color pen and fill it in with horizontal lines for a more dramatic effect.

If you notice on the top left corner of this planner insert (018: undated vertical weekly) is has circular watermark where you can put in the month and year for that week. I rarely ever use that so I wanted to cover it up. To do that I wanted to stamp it with the StazOn ink because of its bold beautiful color but the issue with that ink pad is that it bleeds through the page. To avoid that I stamped it on a piece of gold vellum paper, cut it out and glued it over the watermark. I love the way it came out because the gold vellum brings a nice subtle shine to the overall layout.

IMG_3663[StazOn: St. Valentine, Tim Holtz Distress Ink: Vintage Photo, Versa Magic: Pumpkin Spice, Tim Holtz Ideology Ephemera pack, Target Dollar Spot: circular label stamp, 365™Fall Collection: Fukuro]

THURSDAY: The same concept as I did with the vellum, but this time I used an adhesive white label sheet where I stamped a circular label stamp, cut it out to make myself a label sticker. Wrote in a little snail mail phrase then on top of that I glued on a vintage style AirMail ephemera . Ultimately I was attempting to make it look like a cancelled postage stamp.

I used the cute coffee mug and alpha stamps as to compliment the events that occurred at the end of the day. This filled in a lot of the space which makes it look a lot fuller even though  not much went on for the day.

*Addition to WED: To completing my Wednesday, I used a Cavallini Paris sticker I received from my darling IG friend Wima and to complete the look I stuck on tiny label sticker I made using the Studio l2e: Labels & Tabs.

IMG_3670[Chamil Garden (Shoukei): Daily, Versa Magic: Pumpkin Spice, Cavallini & Co.: Vintage Letterpress, Spare Parts: Vintage Bottle Cap Sticker Pack]

FRIDAY: It’s Happy World Post Day. I outlined the Friday box with a color pen and added a little  washi tape with a small circle sticker to coordinate the color. To add a little more texture I stamped it with a small leaf stamp from Cavallini & Co.: Vintage Letterpress. At the bottom of my Friday I used a stamp sticker which I received from another sweet IG friend (Amy). I thought it was a perfect way to end my Fri-YAY.


SATURDAY: Washi tape plays a huge factor in how I decorate my planner. Here I layered a script, floral  and wax seal washi tapes to highlight some outgoing mail I completed. Beneath that I used alpha (purchased at Michaels) and a pen stamps for an additional embellished look.

SUNDAY: Here I wrote inIMG_3672 brush script and used one of my favorite label stickers from Tim Holtz. And again I turn to  washi tape to complete the overall decoration and color theme. This is the graffiti dark washi tape in caramel brown by Classiky and I layered it with a transparent grid sticker from a diary sticker set.


QUOTE: “With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts”  -ELEANOR ROOSEVELT




I hope that you enjoyed this week’s post as much as I enjoyed posting it. Thank you dear friends for all your words of love and encouragement!

Until next time, have a wonderful week and keep smiling!

Xoxo, Jennie